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Why technology is unlikely to displace your job anytime soon

- By: John P Sykes
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This week’s Strictly Boardroom article takes a counter-view as to why technological advancement may not take your job as soon as is predicted by considering the ways in which technology and bureaucracy interact.

Technology is not the future, it is simply part of the future, and always has been. Those that work with technology thrive, those that work against it do not. Bureaucracy is an interesting example of this. In many large organisations technology has increased the bureaucratic burden, slowing down the achievement of the aims of the organisation, rather than speeding up the movement towards those aims. The example we use comes from travel. Online booking has allowed us to book flights and hotels, quicker, cheaper and easier, however, this revolution has not converted across to all organisations. Instead of benefitting from cheaper travel for their employees many organisations have become tied up in overlapping IT systems and complex and contradictory processes and approvals. Organisations like this will not thrive in the future.

The full article is available for subscribers: “Why technology is unlikely to displace your job anytime soon“.

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