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Understanding Australia’s global leadership in mining

- By: John P Sykes
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A report released today by Ian Satchwell (University of Western Australia), Jim Redden (University of Adelaide) and the Centre for Exploration Targeting (University of Western Australia and Curtin University) advocates for a greater role by the Australian government in economic diplomacy in relation to the international resources sector.

Australia, as well as hosting a strong domestic mining industry, is also a major international player in the mining industry, with Australian companies active on every continent. Australian companies are helping unearth huge amounts of economic value around the world, and it is suggested the government could play a stronger role in leveraging this competitive advantage in the diplomatic and economic development / international aid spheres. Australia is particularly well-placed in this regard as it is also a leader in resource governance education, so taking a more active role in the international mining sector will hopefully lead to better overall global governance of the resources sector. A key first step in increasing Australian government involvement in resource sector economic diplomacy would be collating data on the international efforts of Australian mining and exploration companies, so that the potential impact of the sector can be accurately assessed.

The detailed 124 page report is available for free on the Centre for Exploration Targeting website.