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Two tips for supercharging your career: communication and co-operation

- By: John P Sykes
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This week’s Strictly Boardroom with Allan Trench on looks to a couple of experts, one from inside and one from outside of the mining sector, for tips on how to supercharge your career. Roy Woodall, exploration icon and former head of exploration at Western Mining Corporation famously advised young geoscientists to improve their ability to upward communicate in organisations, as a key career-boosting tool. Looking outside of the sector, management guru and professor at the Wharton Business School, Adam Grant, breaks the workforce into three types: Givers, Takers and Matchers – and advises that over the long run, it is generally the Givers that succeed, though it is a higher risk tactic than being a ‘Matcher’. Linking these two themes of ‘communication’ and ‘co-operation’ then became this week’s two tips for supercharging your career.

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