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Top tips for job interviews

- By: John P Sykes
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Continuing our catch up with this year’s Strictly Boardroom columns on We now do a lot of work with the MBA students at the University of Western Australia. For these students, job interviews are never far from the mind, so in July we published an article with a few personal tips on job interviews, entitled “Candour in candidature: Top tips for job interviews“. They are amazingly simple, but based on personal experience, things still go wrong in these areas. The lesson, keep it simple, get there, and you’re well on your way! If they do go wrong, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Get it right next time.

The ‘top’ tips:

  • Try to avoid totally freezing;
  • Avoid faux-pas;
  • Turn up at the right venue – at the right time – on the right day;
  • Research the people likely to be interviewing you;
  • If in doubt about a role, apply anyway.

For the anecdotes underlying the tips, see the full article on or get in touch with me.

We suspect, there will be more of these job interview anecdotes in the future. We have a decent ‘resource-base’ in this area.

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