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Tin pipeline hindered by costs, grades and lack of new projects (Metal Bulletin)

- By: John P Sykes
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For subscribers of Metal Bulletin, Claire Hack published an article entitled “Tin pipeline hindered by costs, grades and lack of new projects” on 2nd October. The article follows up the press release by ITRI and Greenfields Research earlier in the day entitled “Good and Bad News on Tin Project Pipeline”. The press release covers the findings of a new report by ITRI and Greenfields Research on “New Tin Supply”.  The introduction to the article is below, but a full subscription is required to read the full article on Metal Bulletin:

“The International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) has highlighted risks in the tin production pipeline including falling grades, rising costs and a lack of new discoveries.

There is potentially more than 5 million tonnes of tin available for extraction, much of which is in relatively low-risk countries, but many of the projects are low quality, according to ITRI, and may not be able to progress in present market conditions. There are JORC or NI-43-101 compliant resources of 1.99 million tonnes of contained tin globally, the organisation said, and “less reliable” historical estimates or exploration targets for projects without compliant resources show a possible further 3.2 million tonnes…”