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Tin Mining in Myanmar: Production and Potential (Resources Policy)

- By: John P Sykes
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Today, a paper I co-authored with Nick Gardiner (formerly of Oxford University, now Curtin University), Allan Trench (Curtin University & University of Western Australia) and Laurence Robb (Oxford University) was published in the journal Resources Policy, entitled: “Tin Mining in Myanmar: Production and Potential“. We should also acknowledge the help of the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) in compiling this paper. The article is available online now and will be published in the December issue.

The research highlights for the paper are:

  • Until recently tin prices were forecast to increase due to declining mine supply;
  • However forecasts were hampered by limited information on the developing world;
  • Myanmar surprised analysts by becoming the third largest tin miner in 2014;
  • The supply increase came from a new Myanmar tin mining area in Wa state;
  • We discuss the potential for Myanmar to sustain this supply over the long term.