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Tin mining in Myanmar: Production and potential (Resources Policy)

- By: John P Sykes
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The paper I co-authored with Nick Gardiner (Centre for Exploration Targeting / Curtin University), Allan Trench (Centre for Exploration Targeting / Curtin University / The University of Western Australia) and Laurence Robb (Oxford University) on “Tin mining in Myanmar: Production and potential” has now been published in the December issue of Resources Policy. It is now available on online for subscribers.

The research highlights for the paper are:

  • Until recently tin prices were forecast to increase due to declining mine supply;
  • However, forecasts were hampered by limited information on the developing world;
  • Myanmar surprised analysts by becoming the third largest tin miner in 2014;
  • The supply increase came from a new Myanmar tin mining area in Wa State;
  • We discuss the potential for Myanmar to sustain this supply over the long term.

The full reference is: Gardiner, N.J., Sykes, J.P., Trench, A., & Robb, L.J., 2015, Tin mining in Myanmar: Production and potential, Resources Policy, 46 (2), December, 219-233: