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Tin and rare earths at Metal Pages 2013

- By: John P Sykes
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Hot on the heels of my invite to speak at Indaba Asia 2013, I have also just been invited to re-do my tin and rare earths double-header at both the Metal Pages Electronic Metals and the Metal Pages Rare Earths conferences in September this year.

The conferences will this year be held in Shanghai, China, with the Electronic Metals event running from 9-11th September, followed by the Rare Earths event running from 11-13th, making it a full week looking at the esoteric end of the metals industry.

I have to confess these conferences are amongst my favourite, not only do Metal Pages provide fantastic pricing data for unheard of commodities, but these conferences are characterised by their Chinese influence, which is critical for industries where China is often the largest consumer and supplier! Generally the conferences are organised in co-operation with a relevant Chinese trade association, most of the speakers hail from Chinese industry and a good half of the delegates are Chinese.

Metal Pages also usually host an informative field trip associated with the conference. This year it appears to be to General Motors’ operations nearby. This should be interesting. I still remember a stand-out presentation from GM China at the Metal Pages event in Beijing two years ago, describing GM’s vision of the future of motoring – not petroleum, but hybrid, then electric, then hydrogen. These plans are much more advanced than most people realise.

Information on the Electronic Metals conference and the Rare Earths conference can be found at these links.

You can find links to my presentations on tin and rare earths at last years conferences on my Slideshare account:

If you would like me to present at your conference on tin, rare earths, copper, gold, minerals exploration, mine project development or mineral economics, please get in touch.

See you in Shanghai!