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The X-Files on new exploration search space

- By: John P Sykes
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Today, myself, Allan Trench (University of Western Australia) and Jon Hronsky (Western Mining Services & Centre for Exploration Targeting) continued our articles on the X-Files and mineral exploration. In today’s article we looked at how Fox Mulder might go about opening up new exploration search space.

The list we came up with was: entering previously inaccessible regions whether due to geography or politics, exploring under the cover rocks, new exploration technology and concepts, reframed exploration concepts, new extraction technology and new commodities.

The full article is available on and is entitled: “The X-Files on new exploration search space“.



Image: A screen-grab from the X-Files TV show is used to illustrate this article. This copyrighted material is used under fair-use conventions to illustrate an article which discusses the show in the context of minerals exploration and team building. It is low-quality to prohibit piracy and does not limit the copyright holders commercial rights.