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The X-Files on mineral exploration: Building the perfect team (

- By: John P Sykes
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As a fan of 90s sci-fi show the X-Files, I’m obviously excited about the new series due to air in the next few weeks. This therefore gave me the opportunity to mix my like of X-Files with another passion – minerals exploration. The result is a series of articles to go out in the Strictly Boardroom column of over the next few weeks, investigating what myself, Allan Trench and Jon Hronsky of the Centre for Exploration Targeting can learn from Mulder and Scully about minerals exploration.

The first article came out today and is entitled “The X-Files on mineral exploration: Building the perfect team“. It is available to subscribers of Unsurprisingly the article looks at the duo at the heart of the show and how their complimentary but very different mindsets help in the search for the truth. We suggest well epistemologically constructed teams would also help explorers in their search for the next big discovery.

On a related note, check out the trailer for the new X-Files series here. Very excited.



Image: A screen-grab from the X-Files TV show is used to illustrate this article. This copyrighted material is used under fair-use conventions to illustrate an article which discusses the show in the context of minerals exploration and team building. It is low-quality to prohibit piracy and does not limit the copyright holders commercial rights.