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The Case for Tin Exploration

- By: John P Sykes
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Based on data compiled by Greenfields Research and ITRI, and funded by Trafford Resources, I have been filmed for a video outlining “The Case for Tin Exploration”.  The 5 minute video outlines the simple five step argument for increased exploration targeting new discoveries of high quality tin deposits, preferably in low political risk jurisdictions:

  • Tin prices are at 30 year highs.
  • Increased demand has been driven by tin’s switch to use as an ‘electronic metal’ .
  • Mine supply has struggled to keep up with what is now modest demand growth, due to ageing mines, declining placer resources and political risk problems.
  • The present project pipeline is not large enough to fill future gaps, even though some projects have made substantial progress recently. Many of the remaining projects are of low quality or in high political risk jurisdictions.
  • Exploration targeting new high-quality tin discoveries, preferably in low political risk jurisdictions is urgently required.

The video can be found here:

The analysis is based on two reports, the ITRI Tin Industry Review 2014 and the ITRI & Greenfields Research New Tin Supply Report.