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Rebranding big mining

- By: John P Sykes
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It’s been a busy year, so I’m still catching you up on this year’s Strictly Boardroom pieces on In June, we discussed the idea of ‘brand’ and its relationship to social licence. In particular, efforts by big business and big mining to win over the local populaces, which has been one of the emerging trends this year. There’s not a lot to say at this stage, beyond that is shows something of where the industry is now and has been in public perceptions. Nonetheless, a trend to keep an eye on.

The article is entitled ‘Rebranding big mining‘ and was released on an the 5th June. It is still available to subscribers, or contact me to find out more.

For keen followers of the Strictly Boardroom column, our book “Strictly (Mining) Boardroom Volume II: A Practitioners Guide for Next Generation Directors” was published last year and is available as a paperback or e-book from Major Street Publishing or Amazon. We’re pleased to say that the book received a very positive review in the AusIMM Bulletin and in Geoscientist magazine – the members publication of the Geological Society of London.