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Rare earths: Competence, competition and the contextual environment

- By: John P Sykes
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Last year I was pleased to accept a guest lecturing slot on Allan Trench’s ‘Strategic Management of Resources’ Companies’ course, which is part of the University of Western Australia’s MBA programme. The presentation is available below and on my Slideshare and LinkedIn accounts.

The presentation draws on an earlier presentation at Metal Pages Rare Earths conferences, with some new ideas from the Oxford Scenarios programme I completed last May and some from ongoing work at the Centre for Exploration Targeting and Department of Mineral and Energy Economics, Curtin University. The presentation looks at businesses as actors within a transactional environment (where they have some control) and a contextual environment (where they have no control) and using the rare earths industry as a case study, draws some strategies based on position within each of these environments. The presentation looks broadly at how you use strategies and scenarios together to ensure strategic planning is sufficiently robust to future uncertainties. The presentation also includes a few bits of mineral economics looking at risk, value and ‘concave minerals’, as well as lots of detail on the fascinating rare earths industry.

Strategies and scenarios in rare earths – Sykes – Oct 2014 – University of Western Australia / Curtin University / Greenfields Research from John Sykes