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Mineral systems, endowment analysis and exploration strategy at Sandstone goldfield

- By: John P Sykes
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The final work I had the pleasure to be involved in at the TARGET Conference was the initial PhD research of (Rhys) Sam Davies also at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (The University of Western Australia). His work is aiming to link mineral systems theory and endowment and prospectivity analyses, with the existing data sets available at the Sandstone goldfield (Western Australia) to develop exploration re-targeting strategies, inlcuding the optimum strategy for new data collection. The work is at an early stage, and will likely have many twists and turns ahead, but looks very promising and is an important step in testing the application of mineral systems theory in practice.

Sam presented a poster (where I was listed as a co-author) on his research at the Target Conference entitled: “An assessment of the potential orogenic gold endowment of the Sandstone Greenstone Belt using a mineral systems framework for comparison with the Agnew Gold Camp”. A copy is available below:

Sandstone gold endowment – Davies et al – Apr 2017 – Centre for Exploration Targeting from John P. Sykes