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Investment needed to boost tin supply (Australian Resources & Investment)

- By: John P Sykes
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In the same December edition of Australian Resources and Investment as my “The future of rare earths mine project development” article, Peter Kettle of ITRI has an article on the tin industry entitled “Investment needed to boost tin supply”. The article is largely based on two recent reports by ITRI: Tin Industry Review 2014 (to which Greenfields contributed some analysis) and New Tin Supply (which was developed in partnership with Greenfields).

The article highlights that although tin demand growth remains modest and is likely to continue so, and that prices have recently weakened, over the medium and long term the market is likely to remain in deficit, with shortages of tin putting upward pressure on prices. These shortages are due to stalling mine supply and a lack of development and exploration opportunities, in comparison to the size of the predicted market deficit. Further investment is needed in both tin mine project development and exploration, further supporting current opportunities and opening up new options.

The magazine is available in Australian newsagents now and online via subscription.