Strategic Planning and Practice

19-20 March 2018

30-31 August 2018

Course Leader: Prof. Allan Trench (Business School, The University of Western Australia)

Course Assistant: John Sykes (Greenfields Research & Business School, The University of Western Australia)

Location: The Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA), 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat, Western Australia, 6014

Cost: A$2,420 per person (AIM Corporate or Professional Member) & A$2,860 (Non-members)

This experiential strategy program is targeted at leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors who want to enhance their strategic thinking skills and business problem solving abilities.

The program captures the latest thinking from strategic management theory, delivers hands-on experience of the strategy consulting toolkit and adapts tried and tested strategic frameworks to contemporary and turbulent business conditions. This interactive and practical program allows participants to gain exposure to multiple strategy frameworks and to structured problem-solving in order to develop a range of skills critical to planning for the future. Modern business case histories from diverse industries are used to illustrate and develop critical thinking and facilitate the strategy development process. Strategies to foster and create innovative business models are illustrated – with participants gaining experience of how businesses and industries may change in future.

This program is designed for any person who wants to develop their strategic thinking, planning and doing competencies. It is particularly appropriate for managers who have or are moving into a position of strategic responsibility. The program is applicable to developing strategy within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The program covers what is strategy and why it matters, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of strategy, business model innovation for turbulent times, structured problem-solving as a key strategy tool, strategy frameworks and principles, strategy business cases and strategy in action.

If you are interested in attending this course, please book through the website.



Advanced Thinking Skills

Next date TBC

Course Leader: Tim Craske (Geowisdom & Thinkercafe)

Course Assistant: John Sykes (Greenfields Research & Centre for Exploration Targeting, The University of Western Australia)

Location: Previously run twice in Perth, Australia

Cost: Typically around A$500 per person

The purpose of this workshop is to expose participants to a variety of conceptual and practical thinking styles and tools to enhance the focus, quality and speed of their thinking.

There is a need from university, through to the workplace to better understand both basic and advanced thinking processes for better learning, memory, planning and decision making. This two-day workshop will introduce participants to the subjects listed below through a series of lectures covering theory, short videos, real world examples and practical team and individual work.

The subjects covered include: analytical thinking; creativity; critical thinking; divergent and convergent thinking; ‘flearning’; framing; heuristics and biases; identifying unhelpful thinking; lateral thinking; maintaining a healthy mind and personal energy; memory tools; mindfulness; mind mapping; parallel thinking; pre-mortems; reflection and introspection; spatial and visual thinking; strategic thinking; systems thinking; the link between neuroscience and thinking; the practical application of thinking skills; thinking like a ‘freak’; thinking mastery; thinking styles; and turning data into information, knowledge and wisdom.

If you are interested in attending a future version of this course, or would like to arrange an in-house version, please contact Tim Craske: