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Building your own BHPB – avoiding multi-billion write-offs (

- By: John P Sykes
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Yesterday I contributed to Allan Trench’s weekly Strictly Boardroom column on, with an article entitled “Building your own BHPB – avoiding multi-billion write offs“. The article discusses a popular card game (Build your own BHP Billiton) Allan and I use to teach the basics of mining strategy on various mineral economics courses. Allan developed the game over ten years ago, discussing it in a previous Strictly Boardroom article, however, it has gone through multiple iterations since, with commodity price risk introduced, as well as financial markets providing debt and equity. The game is currently very ‘strategic’, so in an effort to bring some operations focus into the game, the latest version will include technical risk at operations. The article discusses some common technical risks, as well as providing some thoughts on how they interact with mergers and acquisitions and ultimately write downs.

The article is available to subscribers of here.