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Boardroom spill motions defeated at Aussie gold miner

- By: John P Sykes
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Today’s Strictly Boardroom column with Allan Trench follows on from last week’s piece about a boardroom spill motion at a (fake) Aussie gold miner. The rather traditional incumbent board had attracted the ire of a major investor who had nominated an alternate board of younger candidates.

Over the last week we gathered the votes from a number of readers and totalled them up. The motion was defeated, with the incumbent board staying in place. Readers were impressed with the incumbent board’s balance and experience, though a few areas for improvement were highlighted, and one of the challengers (the female mining engineer) seemed likely to be tapped to add to the team in some way. The rest of the article considered how the incumbent board could improve its skillset to avoid a repeat of the spill motion, and how the challengers need to develop their skills and experience to be seen as suitable for the boardroom.

The full article is available to readers and can be seen here: “Boardroom spill motion defeated at Aussie gold miner“.

Our thanks go to Alex Atkins, Steve Beresford, Doug Brewster, Michael Collins, John Doepel, Steve Heather, Colin Jackson, Josh Wright and ‘Roger’ for contributing their votes and comments.