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Advanced thinking skills for explorers and geoscientists

- By: John P Sykes
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I am delighted to be assisting on the ‘Advanced Thinking Skills‘ workshop, this Thursday and Friday (4-5 May), run by Tim Craske of Geowidom and Thinkercafe. The workshop is a fantastic way of developing your basic and advanced thinking processes for better learning, memory, planning and decision making. It covers theoretical, conceptual and practical ways to increase the focus, quality and speed of your thinking. The workshop is invaluable for both academics and industry professionals. The workshop takes a fun and active learning approach using lectures, short videos, real-world examples and practical team and individual work. The workshop is frequented by geologists, mining and exploration professionals and academics, but is open to, and would benefit, anyone who takes their thinking seriously.

The subjects covered include: analytical thinking; creativity; critical thinking; divergent and convergent thinking; ‘flearning’; framing; heuristics and biases; identifying unhelpful thinking; lateral thinking; maintaining a healthy mind and personal energy; memory tools; mindfulness; mind mapping; parallel thinking; pre-mortems; reflection and introspection; spatial and visual thinking; strategic thinking; systems thinking; the link between neuroscience and thinking; the practical application of thinking skills; thinking like a ‘freak’; thinking mastery; thinking styles; and turning data into information, knowledge and wisdom.

The course costs A$500 for the two days, with fees for students at a heavily subsidised rate of A$60. The course runs at the Centre for Exploration Targeting Resource Room at The University of Western Australia. If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Tim Craske: