About Greenfields

Greenfields Research is the trading name of independent minerals-industry geologist, economist and strategist, John P. Sykes. The company name reflects John’s industry research focus on exploration and mine project development (so called “greenfield” projects) and long term mineral economics and strategy. You can find out more about John via Linkedin.

Greenfields conducts targeted, client-directed research into the exploration and mining sector. Greenfields provide raw data and analysis for industry executives, management and analysts, giving them the sound foundations required for strategic decision-making. Greenfields specialises in the global precious metal, base metal, speciality, critical and strategic metals mining industries.

The Greenfields’ research philosophy mirrors the needs of our clients: the assessment of risk throughout the exploration and mine project life-cycle. Greenfields therefore considers:

This comprehensive approach gives mining companies, their financiers, and other interested parties the information they need in order to place exploration and mine projects in a competitive global context.


Consultancy Services Available

Greenfields provides dynamic consultancy to the exploration, mining, financial and public sectors, specialising in work which requires a period of intense exploration, mining or commodities related research. Greenfields’ services include:

Our high-quality, client-led service is quick, straightforward and competitively priced. In short, if you want to find something out about mining: Just ask Greenfields.



All research undertaken by Greenfields is at the direction of the client. This, coupled with our comprehensive and thorough approach, ensures you receive exactly the research you want, to the level you require for informed strategic decision-making.

“Greenfields Research has done a very good job for us. Your presentation at our board meeting was obviously a success with our member companies and you have helped create an analytical tool which should be of considerable value to the tin industry, especially companies considering investing in new projects.”

– Peter Kettle, Manager, Statistics & Market Studies, ITRI

“John has completed some excellent research work for companies on which I hold board seats.”

– Allan Trench, Former Non-Executive Director, Emmerson Resources, Enterprise Metals, Hot Chili and Pioneer Resources

“John is a very knowledgeable participant in the metals and mining industry. His project for us was extremely helpful, thorough and completed in time.”

– Jeffrey Monat, Senior Analyst, Seven Locks Capital

“John is one of the best in the business and very decent and approachable on a personal level. His invaluable assistance in my projects has been greatly appreciated.”

– Steve Canby, Principal Associate, MinEx Associates


Previous work

Recent client commissions include:


Company details

Greenfields Research Limited is an England and Wales incorporated private company with company number 7889252 and registered office: Hunters Chase, Highfield Farm, Stripe Lane, Hartwith, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 3HA, United Kingdom. John Sykes is currently based in Perth, Australia and with Greenfields Research works all over the world.