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100 global inspirational women in mining

- By: John P Sykes
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After visiting a familiarly gender-unbalanced Mines and Money Conference in London a couple of week’s ago, this week’s Strictly Boardroom column with Allan Trench on looks at the issue of ‘women in mining’. After surveying the sector and finding the problem is far wider than UK-based mining conferences, the article considers two common objections (put forward by male industry leaders with the power to change the situation) to improving gender balance in mining: 1) that there are not enough appropriately qualified women and 2) that appointing inexperienced women to leadership roles is risky. We then provide an answer courtesy of the “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” list published by the UK branch of ‘Women in Mining‘ (and kindly funded by BMO Capital Markets). As this list shows, there are clearly more than enough appropriately qualified women in the sector to improve (though likely still not solve) the gender balance of leadership roles in mining.

The article is also titled “100 global inspirational women in mining‘ and is available to subscribers of online, or contact me for a copy of the article.

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