Advanced Thinking Skills

4-5 May 2017

Course Leader: Tim Craske (Geowisdom & Thinkercafe)

Course Assistant: John Sykes (Greenfields Research & Centre for Exploration Targeting, The University of Western Australia)

Location: Centre for Exploration Targeting Resource Room, The University of Western Australia

Cost: A$500 per person & A$60 for students

The purpose of this workshop is to expose participants to a variety of conceptual and practical thinking styles and tools to enhance the focus, quality and speed of their thinking.

There is a need from university, through to the workplace to better understand both basic and advanced thinking processes for better learning, memory, planning and decision making. This two-day workshop will introduce participants to the subjects listed below through a series of lectures covering theory, short videos, real world examples and practical team and individual work.

The subjects covered include: analytical thinking; creativity; critical thinking; divergent and convergent thinking; ‘flearning’; framing; heuristics and biases; identifying unhelpful thinking; lateral thinking; maintaining a healthy mind and personal energy; memory tools; mindfulness; mind mapping; parallel thinking; pre-mortems; reflection and introspection; spatial and visual thinking; strategic thinking; systems thinking; the link between neuroscience and thinking; the practical application of thinking skills; thinking like a ‘freak’; thinking mastery; thinking styles; and turning data into information, knowledge and wisdom.

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Tim Craske: